For Ottoman, Venetian and French conquerors that conquered the city of Preveza, the Amvrakikos gulf and Preveza city have always been a strategic point and base for establishing their maritime force, since the Ionian Sea is a border to the West and from here they could control the Ionian and Adriatic coasts. So, up until 1495, it was fortified twice (Boukas fortress).

At the end of 1806 until 1820, the city was reconquered by Ali Pasha. During this period of time, the fortifications took place (Castles of Agios Andreas, Agios Georgios, Aktio, Pantokratoras, moat, fortifications).

The fortifications of the city of Preveza, are evident till nowadays. The citizens call them castles. They are big construction projects that belong to fortification architecture. When they stopped to be active defensive fortifications, they were transformed into historic monuments that witness the history’s importance and the great location of the city.

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