Cruising the Amvrakikos gulf

The Amvrakikos gulf is one of the biggest wetlands of Greece, both in size and importance. The gulf covers almost 400 km2 and it is an enclosed sea that is consisted of many smaller wetlands. The Amvrakikos gulf is connected to the Ionian Sea by a narrow strait, the Preveza channel. At the gulf’s mouth, in 2002 an underwater tunnel was constructed and it connects Aktio to Preveza. It is a wetland of great importance, not just for Greek, but for international environmental state also. One of the last healthy bottlenose dolphin populations of the Mediterranean Sea lives in the waters of Amvrakikos gulf. As stated in the “New Scientist” magazine, their population seems to be stable, approximately at 150 dolphins. The bottlenose dolphins of Amvrakikos survive due to sardine’s population. If the oxygen levels expel the sardines, that will be the end of dolphins too.

Municipal Museum of the Naval Battle of Aktio

This tour guide is dedicated to the maritime history of Preveza and to Amvrakikos gulf. The municipal museum of the naval battle of Aktio is just 1 km far from the historic centre of Preveza and it was founded in 2002, in order to promote the famous naval battle. It is consisted of two rooms, where there is a big scale-model representation of the naval battle, while scale models of wooden ship types, that took part into the naval battle, are displayed there.

At the municipal Maritime Museum, the visitor has the chance, through the exhibits, interactive applications and audiovisual material, to get an overview of the relation between Preveza and the sea: the naval battle of Aktio, the traditional shipbuilding and fishery, the peak of the commercial shipping and the port at the beginning of the 20th century.

Laskara Cape

Almost 5 km on the north east of Preveza, there is the Laskara cape, overlooking the Amvrakikos gulf and really close to it, just next to the bay, there is one of the last daliania that still functions. It is about a rare fishing technique, that started in the Minor Asia and it lies on the observer’s ability and on fishermen’s movement coordination.

Museum of Natural History and the Children’s Workshop

Go on and visit the Museum of Natural History and the Children’s Workshop at Neochori suburb. At the museum you can find out about tradition and culture of the dwellers, be aware of the fauna and flora of the Amvrakikos gulf, and look at objects made by human activities, as well as by the very natural environment.

Settlement of Neochori

To the south limits of the ancient Nikopolis, you shall sight the beautiful settlement of Neochori, as you go down to the shallow waters of the sea of Amvrakikos gulf, which is full of dense seaweeds and it is interspersed by the circular routes of numerous waterfowls.

Lagoon of Mazoma

To the east, the sea of Amvrakikos gulf enters deep into the land and there, the beautiful lagoon of Mazoma is created, while to the north, the ancient monuments of Nikopolis dominate.

Lagoon of Tsopelio

Next to the national road and at the region between the settlements of Michalitsi and Flamboura, in a picturesque and bird’s eye view place, there is the wooden bird observatory. The lagoon of Tsopelio is situated to the north and it is a rich wetland to the estuary of Louros River.

Alternatively, another route that the visitor can enjoy is the one in vessels and boats from the estuary of Louros River, towards the Amvrakikos gulf and final arrival at ancient Voucheteio in Kerasounta, while he’ll be stunned by the lush vegetation, the unique flora and fauna in Europe and the rare species of birds.

Tourism office tel 2682021078
Maritime Museum of Preveza – old abattoir area tel 2682089144
Municipal Museum of Natural History of Preveza Neochori, tel 2682089144

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