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At Preveza you can find local delicacies, such as pites, pastry and candies, fish and seafood from Amvrakikos Gulf, such as the famous Greek shrimp gampari that is fished there, the famous sardine (it is honored in each August at sardine festival), dairy products, citrus fruits, honey, many alcohol drinks and liquors, such as ouzo and tsipouro (tsipouro festival at Kryopigi village), and wine of good quality from Oropos village and many aromatic plants. Vegetables such as tomatos, potatoes, olive oil, olives and cereals re the main products of the region.

At Preveza the local soda drink kranada – juice from the fruits of cornus (cornus mas) is produced. It is a refreshing, slightly sour, with antipyretic properties juice.

Bottarga of Preveza

The Wetland of Amvrakikos gulf is one of the most important wetlands of our country. To the north side the lagoons of Lazarou – Tsoukalio, Rodia, Mazoma and the bay of Kopraina are formed. At Lazarou lagoon there is a variety of fish like Bream, Common Sole, Seabass, Goby and the main fish the flathead Grey Mullet. The female fish of flathead grey mullet, is called Mpafa (the ovaries of which, salted and dried are used to produce (avgotaracho) bottarga, a delicacy rich in A, B, C vitamin, calcium, iron, proteins and omega 3 fatty acids). The bottarga of Amvrakikos has a marvelous taste.

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