At the Municipality of Zalongo and more specifically at the district of Kamarina, under Zalongo and ancient Cassope, a perfectly designed and adapted place is ready to welcome you. It is a great building at the square of the village, spacious, full of exhibits, gathered really hard. Exhibits of the 19th and 20th century adorn all over the place. The visitors definitely travel back to the past.

The place is divided in:

Room 1: Local professions – tools

It is displayed: Traditional tools of earlier times – retort – plough etc.

Room 2: Houseware – Coins – Weaving loom

It is displayed: A traditional weaving loom – old coins – several houseware stuff – old radios

Room 3: Traditional costumes – Traditional Room

It is displayed: Traditional original costumes of the 20th century as well as a sleeping room of a typical house.

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