The watermills are at the canyon of Goura, to the north of Kato Revmatia village, to the north of Louros and the rural road Preveza – Ioannina and it is 17 km off Louros and 37 km off the city of Preveza. It is about “Souliotochori”. The first inhabitants were settled there at the first years of Turkish occupation or in 1156.

The power of the running water made the millstones, the fulling and the wooden tool to be heard again in 2013 in Goura of the municipal entity of Louros, “awaking” memories that got lost when electricity came into our lives. The watermill, built according the sign in 1400, served not just the area but the villages of Souli as well, the residents of which used to go up there by “secret” paths.

The residents of other villages passed through narrow streets, bushes and high oak trees and many raging streams. The access to the watermills had always been assisted by animals. The water for the mill’s movement came from the Gouras sources in ditches of 200m. The buildings were consisted of two rooms, the one of which mostly housed the mills and the second one was the miller’s house. According to witnesses during the games of Souliotes, one of the mills, was used as a gunpowder mill. Apart from those two mills, there were five fullings, but only one stands there. At the same place the Monastery of the Assumption of Theotokos is located, dating back in 1156.

The guest can visit the industrial building of the fulling, the watermill and mantani (the wooden machinery), the folklore museum and live unique moments at the unique place with the running waters and the plane trees.He can also hear detailed stories about the watermill by the President of the Association “Goura” Priest Apostolo and by the last constructor of watermills Mr Minos Athanasios.

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