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The sporting life of Preveza is an important part for the citizens of Preveza. Leading athletes like the Olympic Champion in race walking Athanasia Tsoumeleka, Athina Papagianni a race walking athlete too, the number 1 in Greece tennis player Despoina Papamichail, are from Preveza and they have transmitted their love for sports to the young people of Preveza encouraging them toget involved in sports.

It’s worth pointing out that in 2015, at Special Olympics in Los Angeles, Christos Pakos and Dionysios Voukelatos from Preveza, took part at the tennis tournament and they won the silver and bronze medals respectively.

There are many sports events organized or being assisted by the Municipality and now they are an institution.


It’s been only three years that the “At Nikopoli Aktia” are held in Preveza, during the last two days of August.

The games are dedicated to the anniversary of the naval battle of Aktio and they include swimming competitions, a running competition under the auspices of SEGAS organization, students’ competitions of one kilometer and the big race of Triathlo under the auspices of the Greek federation of Triathlo.

Tennis World Championship “Preveza Cup”

A very important event is the tennis world championship, which takes place in Preveza, in summer, (27 June – 5 July), at the tennis courts that are at the municipal swimming pool of Preveza. Plenty of athletes from all over the world, between 12-18 years old participate in the tournament and they compete for a place in tennis global ranking. Mr. Takis Pappas is responsible for tournament organisation.

Annual basket 3x3 tournament

The sports club “NIKOPOLI” of Preveza organizes in summer the sports events of the basket 3×3 tournament at the place of municipal swimming pool. Teams from all over Greece participate in this tournament. It is about an event thatis very successful to the basket field of the region. Moreover, the effort that started in 2012 and still continues, has managed to attract the interest of many young people and it is considered to be one of the greater basket institutions of the city.

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