The Hellenic Society for the Protection of Nature, has been the national operator of the “Blue Flag” program since 1992. The “Blue Flag” is a global (over 50 countries around the world) quality symbol, which is awarded with strict criteria to organized beaches and marinas managed by coastal municipalities, hoteliers and other bodies or to boats that meet the relevant Criteria.

The “BLUE FLAG” Voluntary Program was first piloted in France in 1985, but was actually launched on 5 June 1987, International Environment Day, when it was presented to the Council of Europe and the European Union. as “original Environmental Action for beaches with a large number of bathers”.

Since 2000, 49 countries from almost all continents, not only in Europe, have been participating in this voluntary program since then, and the internationally responsible operator of the Program, Fee (Foundation for Environmental Education), in collaboration with the Coordinators of Member States, from time to time, reforms the award criteria, constantly making their application more stringent, with the aim of improving, for their visitors, the conditions on the coasts and marinas that are awarded.

This year the Municipality of Preveza was awarded with four (4) Blue Flags and specifically for the coasts:

Kiani Akti,, Monolithi, Kastrosikia and Vracho

Εκπαιδευτικές περιβαλλοντικές/δραστηριότητες

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