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Last Thursday of carnival Carnival of women of Preveza. With a tradition of half a century, the carnival of women of Preveza is celebrated on the last Thursday of each Carnival period. According to tradition, all the women of Preveza used to get dressed up with the presence of just one man and then they used to wander in the city centre and the neighborhoods. Time has changed, but the carnival of women of Preveza has gained greater participation and mostly young girls and schools take part in it and they keep parading on the last Thursday of the carnival period, attracting a lot of people from the surrounding area.
Penultimate Saturday of the carnival “Carnival Events of Comitato”. It is about a new carnival institution for the city of Preveza, where young people, really excited, get dressed up and they parade at the pedestrial beach walkway on the penultimate Saturday of the carnival period.
Clean Monday “Koulouma”. On Clean Monday, from Agios Georgios towards Pantokratoras where Koulouma used to be celebrated, nowadays the feast takes place in Saitan Pazar, with lagana bread and Lenten delicacies, music, and great joy. In 2016, it was the first time after so many years that the Municipality of Preveza in collaboration with the Cultural Associations of Pantokratoras and Neochori, organized the traditional feast of Koulouma at the marine reserve of Pantokratora. A lot of Lenten delicacies, wine and laganes bread were offered to people and members ofcultural and dance associations of the Municipality performed traditional dances. The kite flying takes place at Pantokratoras and ever since this year at Marine Reserve. Also, there was a contest of the best handmade kite. Other places to fly a kite are the Pantokratoras prisons, Monolithi, Mytikas and elsewhere. Respective events are held all over the local communities of the Municipality of Preveza.

The “Sardine festival”

The “Sardine festival” is a fair that happens, under the responsibility of the Municipality of Preveza, the first Saturday of August, over the last years at Agios Andreas castle. It is a great event for the whole region and Preveza is very crowded. The famous sardine of Preveza, known as papalina, is grilled at the time and salads from local vegetables, a lot of wine, dancing and singing are offered to all.


Following on the previous events, the second fortnight of July, “Diogeneia” take place in Nea Sinopi and on 2,3 and 4 of August cultural events of the Association of AMISSOS are held in Nea Sampsounta.


On the second Sunday of August, the Zaloggeia, ata national day, on the Wholly Rock of the district of Kamarina, are held. At that place in 1803, when Souli was conquered by Ali Pasha after so many yearsof struggles, 63 women with their children in their arms, singing and dancing … Farewell poor world, farewell sweet life …, they chose to die free, instead of giving in to the Turkish conqueror. A monument was erected there in 1961, as a symbol of memory of their sacrifice, financed by fundraising from all over Greece. You can reach the wholly rock by going up 410 steps, starting from the Monastery of Agios Dimitrios.


As far as the movie lovers are concerned, during winter time there is a cinema club that shows films of great quality and during summer time there is a municipal cinema at Kiani Akti Beach.


“The Preveza Festival” that followed “Nikopoleia”, is a part of cultural events that cover the summer period (July – August). These events have been established in the city and they include in their program: musical, dancing, theatrical groups, amateur and professional, from our country or abroad, that attract many tourists.

The Botia of first Resurrection

The botia of first Resurrection. In Preveza, early in the morning on Easter Eve, Holy Saturday, a lot of people, local and many visitors, are gathered at Seitan Pazar so as to stand by the custom that characterize the city during Easter time. According to witnesses of local citizens, this custom dates back to Ottoman occupation, when the Christians that lived in the area used to fire grenades, made by themselves, so as to keep Turks off and be able to celebrate the Resurrection in peace. After breaking the pots, a traditional piece of candy is offered to everybody.
As soon as the priest of the Cathedral (Agios Charalampos) chants and the bell tolls the first Resurrection, many “Botia” (pots) (earthenware vessels) break onto the picturesque cobbled street, and people throw bangers and their sound echoes all over the city and transfer the message of the first Resurrection.

The “International Choral Festival”

The “International Choral Festival”. The choral festival of Preveza started for the first time in 1983, on the initiative of the choral club “ARMONIA” of Preveza, which, in collaboration with other bodies and agencies, undertake to organize it every year. This initiative aims at establishing the institution so as to promote the choral music, the development of Spiritual and Cultural level and musical feeling. The Choral festival takes place every year in our city, the first week of July.

Christmas village park

Every year, during Christmas, the Christmas village park of Preveza welcomes toddlers and adults. From 20 December till 5 January, at Androutsos square, the Christmas village of Preveza is being set up. Wooden constructions represent artistic, educational and volunteer activities. The children can take a picture with Santa Claus and post their letter, create Christmas decorations at the Elf Workshop, have fun with the storytellers at the stories house, make some candies at the surprises’ house and give joy to other children, by offering them food and medical supplies, clothing and old toys to the House of Love!

Jazz Festival

The Preveza jazz festival has been established and takes place the last week of May. At the pedestrial beach walkway, with the sea and the sailing boats as background, music bands from various European countries and Greece, as well as local groups take part in it.

The Jazz festival started in 2003 and the following year it was connected to the respective European Jazz Festival of Athens – where artists from almost 20 European countries participate and it is held under the auspices of consulates and institutions of these countries – acquiring an international nature and establishing the institution till today.

Other events

Καθ’ όλη τη διάρκεια του χρόνου, πραγματοποιούνται στην Πρέβεζα:

Title Info
Painting exhibitions Painting exhibitions are being held all year round and especially during the summer months by local and foreign artists.
The amateur creation of students and young people The amateur creation of students and young people of the Municipality is being displayed through events held by schools, Primary schools, High schools, Conservatories, dance clubs that take place in May and June at Theofaneios Hall of Art and at the Kipotheatro (contact: Tel number: 26280 25325/ 29917)
For the opera lovers, the Municipal Conservatory of Preveza has achieved to broadcast live particular performances from the Metropolitan Opera of New York (for more info please contact: or tel number 2682025320/ 26991).
Louriotika Great events of the Municipal Entity of Louros are those of “Louriotika” and “The wine festival” at Oropos village. The Cultural Association of Oropos called “Zalongo”, with the assistance of the Municipality organize the wine festival every summer and attracts many visitors.

All year long, especially during summer months there are many concerts, exhibitions, performances, happenings etc going on at the pedestrial streets of the city, at the squares, at the districts of the Municipality of Zalongo and Louros.


Date Info
20 July On 20 July a fair happens at the district of Kamarina.
The last fortnight of July The last fortnight of July “Summer and Culture” happens at Kanali.
On 1 and 2 August On 1 and 2 August dancing nights occur in Lygia.
On 2, 3 and 4 August On 2, 3 and 4 August cultural events of the Association AMISSOS take place at the district of Nea Sampsounta.
9 August On 9 August, the Kozyleia, that the Association of Asia Minor refugees and Pontioi of the Prefecture of Preveza, the Association of women of Agios Thomas and the Municipality of Preveza co-organise the cultural event that is dedicated to Pontos and Smyrni.
The second fortnight of August The second fortnight of August the meeting happens at the district of Ekklissies.
13 August On 13 August a traditional fair at the district of Kanali.
14 and 15 August On 14 and 15 August a traditional fair at the district of Cheimadio.
The third weekend of November The third weekend of November a tsipouro festival is held at Kryopigi.

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