Beaches of the city

At the Municipal of Preveza, the visitor can enjoy the endless beaches under the hot sun and get stunned by the green and blue colours. Hotels and rooms to let of all types, bars, tavernas and cafeterias offer to the visitor comfortable and pleasant stay. The beaches of the Municipality of Preveza can be distinguished in those in the Amvrakikos gulf and those extended in a surface of 20 km all over the coast line of the Ionian Sea and they are the ideal places for surfing, sailing, water-skiing, parachuting, boat rental, and fishing.

Kiani Akti beach

The city’s beach with the periurban forest of unique beauty, leeward, shallow, attracts visitors, children and adults that careless and safe play with the clear blue sea.

It is located on the edge of the peninsula of Preveza at the open Ionian Sea. It is just 1km off the city centre.


Pantokratoras beach

The city’s balcony. A unique, ideal beach for snorkeling. You can dive without fear, you can take a look at the wealth marine all around the castle of Ali Pasha and at the rocks that surround it. The sunset, the most beautiful in our country. All along the coastline you can find modern hotel rooms for all budgets. It is 3 km off Preveza.


Alonaki beach

Just next to Pantokratoras village, 1 km away, you can find Alonaki. The beach with the golden sand, crowded with infrastructures for unforgettable vacation.

Hotels, rooms, cafeterias, restaurants for the visitor.


Παραλία Καλαμίτσι

Περιοχή που συνδυάζει το πράσινο της πλούσιας βλάστησης με το καταγάλανα και καθαρά νερά του Ιονίου.

See the map below

Discover the city’s beaches
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