Zalongo Monument

It is the famous historic place at the so called mountain that became a symbol to love for freedom. This is a unique event in world history. At this place in 1803 when Souli, after many years of fights, finally fell to Ali Pasha, 63 women with their children in arms, fell off the rock singing and dancing, with their children, choosing to die free instead of surrender to Turkish conqueror. Up from there, dancing and singing, they fell with their children into the abyss so as to avoid being enslaved. This monument is a symbol so as to commemorate the sacrifice of Souliotisses women, which was erected there in 1961, fundraised by Greeks (sculptor G. Zoggopoulos, architect P. Karantinos), and you can reach it if you walk up the 410 stairs, starting from the monastery of Agios Dimitrios. This the place where many festive events take place every year on the second Sunday of August (Zaloggeia).

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