Thermal Springs of Preveza

General Information

The thermal springs of the Municipality of Preveza lie on the south west part of the city of Preveza, next to the beach of Kiani Akti, which is an awarded blue flag beach, and on the mouth of the Amvrakikos gulf with the important wetland, protected by Ramsar Convention.

The springs, called Paliosaraga, which means “Old Palaces” are a part of the city’s history and they are famous since the 17th century, when Ali Pasha built there the summer palace and used the springs’ water for its Turkish baths.

The regular organization of the springs begins since 1920.


Thermal Water

The water’s temperature gushing from spring is at 21,5ο C

Characterisation: Tepid Cl- Na- HCO3- Ca- Mg- K –B hydrogen sulfide hypotonic, moderately radioactive curative water of the Municipality of Preveza.

Therapeutic indications: Chronic rheumatisms, myositis, degenerative effects of injuries, skin diseases, gynaecologic diseases.

Health thermalism facilities

The health thermalism facilities were inaugurated in 2013 and consist of 22 baths with water temperature at 32 C. They are open from June till October.

Info: Municipality of Preveza tel: 26823-60600/60656, 26823-60615

Thermal Springs tel: 26820-22293

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