Producers – Local Products at Preveza

Producers & Suppliers at Preveza – from

Olive oil Preveza – product of protected geographical indication (PGI)

Bottle store Vasilios K. Evangellou – Psathaki Preveza & ouzo production see & at Facebook

Bottle store Oinopoiimata – Preveza (Facebook – see & at Facebook)

Elaion, Bio Green Olive oil – Facebook

Olive oil mills of Preveza – Industrial Zone of Preveza, bio green olive oil

Eli S.A. (ΕΛΗ Α.Ε.) – Nea Sinopi Zalongo Preveza – standard olives & stuffed olives

Konakis Konstantinos – Neos Oropos Louros Preveza, olive oil & olives see at Facebook

Nikopolis – Nea Sinopi Zalongo Preveza, olive oil & olives

Nikopolis Olivenoel – olive oil of Preveza at Germany – see at Facebook

Paragaea Parga, museum of olive oil tree & tasting, store of olive oil trees products – see at Facebook

Pasta Worksop of Epirus, Chalastras Athanasios, Stefani Louros Preveza trahanas, tagliatelle (ebloko)

Groceries and vegetables Evangelos Al. Tzavaras – Ind. Zone of Preveza, trade groceries and vegetables of Greek production

Groceries and vegetables Panousis – 10th km National Road Preveza – Igoumenitsa production & trade of groceries (Facebook)

Grocery store Ch. Varelas – Kastrosykia Kanali Zalongo Preveza (Facebook)

Honey of Epirus – Neos Oropos Louros Preveza (Facebook)

Choikas Andreas – Kastrosykia Kanali Zalongo Preveza, honey Zalongo, honey flower, forest honey, royal jelly, pollen

Fish auction of Preveza – Agios Thomas, 6 km from Preveza

Snail Farm – Myrsini Zalongo Preveza, snail farming helix aspersa see & at Facebook

Tsoumanis hare farming – Louros Preveza (Facebook)

Pandora Soap, G Diamantis – Neos Oropos Louros Preveza olive oil soap (ebloko)

Esthita – Nea Samsounta Zalongo Preveza, workshop of traditional costumes

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