The Monastery is situated on the foothills of Zalongo hill, on the east north of Kamarina village. It used to be the seat of Kozyli Bishopric, which was founded after the decline of Nikopolis before 1020. During the Turkish occupation, the Kozyli Bishopric began to faint and only the so named monastery remained. The monastery declined in the second half of 19th century and it became dependency of Zalongo Monastery, until it was finally destroyed.

The Monastery is dedicated to the Assumption of Theotokos. The katholikon is single- ended with narthex. The main temple is covered with a wide and low polygonal dome at the centre, almost circular. There are some mural paintings in the inner part of the temple, but only some remains are preserved.

The temple is a building of the byzantine period, on which some posterior interventions happened (all sideswere painted, three pillars on the north side, an open portico on the south etc) that altered its shape. Some remains of the byzantine building exist on the south west of the temple. On the north side, it is attached to a square tank.

Some excavations were in progress at the monastery and it has been listed historic monument, according to Greek Official Gazette 964/1.10.1977.

• D. Triantafyllopoulos, The Kozyli Bishopric in Epirus (conclusions over elements and problems).

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