Just 17 km off Louros and 4 km after Kato Kotsanopoulo village towards Vryssoula village, on the left of the road among ferns, olive oil trees and plane trees, one of the oldest monasteries of Epirus, the Monastery of Avassou lies. It is dedicated to the Assumption of Theotokos.

It owes its name to its owner. His name was Avassiotis and he was a merchant from Russia in the 19th century. The wood craved iconostasis with stories from Bible are valuable. The Despotic icons were painted by Mr. Karatzoulas from Preveza in 1891. On the south west side of Katholikon you can see the remains of the cellars.

Very close to the Monastery there is one of the oldest watermills of the region that was restored. Recently, the stoned fence of the Monastery has also been restored.

Avassou Monastery has been listed historic.

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