Monastery of Agia Triada Lekatsa

The Holly monastery of Agia Triada Lekatsa is located in the heart of the so called forest, just 4 km off, on the northwest of Ano Myrsini village. Probably, it was founded in the 17th century. It is dedicated to the Birth of Theotokos. Because of the fact that Panagia revealed herself many times in that place, the monastery is called Faneromeni (i.e Revealed). Ever since then, the monastery celebrates on Monday (revealing) of the Holly Spirit.

The katholikon of the monastery is a single-ended wooden roof temple of great dimensions. It was built in 1744 and restored in 1870. Initially, the temple was dome shaped. In 1870 the arch was demolished and the wooden roof was constructed. On the southwest edge of the temple, a belfry is erected of kind of perforated wall that was built in 1813.

At the place there are currently three buildings of 19th century that are surrounded by a fence built on rubble. The pillar of the monastery is on the east side.

During the periods of 1998-2001 and 2010-2012, in the days of blessed Bishop of Nikopoli Meletios, the Monastery is being completely renovated, restored and renewed and it has been awarded the “Europa Nostra” prize. It has been listed historic monument and a special state protection is now required, according to Greek Official Gazette 740/ vol β/25.8.1997. Nowadays, the Monastery is open to public.

• F. Vitalis, Ipirotiki Estia 1967, p.185

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