The area of Kokkinopilos Preveza is a number of hills (height 100-150m) of geological and archaeological interest. It is located almost 5 km to the north of Filippiada of the county of Preveza, 2 km to the south and west of Agios Georgios village, to the west towards Rizovouni and Galata.

The access to the hills of Kokkinopilos Preveza is hard and it is achieved by two ways. The first one by car and the access is achieved from the east 2km to the south of the National Road Ioannina Preveza, from Agios Georgios village. More specifically, the access is achieved by a place, 20 m to the south of the tunnel of the Ancient Roman Aqueduct of Nikopolis.

You should walk about 500m to the west. The second access is by car, you can reach the place from southwest and it is more complicated. From the road of Ziros lake – Rizovouni – Stefani, we turn right on the 4 asphalt road (north). The road becomes a forest road, and two km away on your right side you can see the hills of Kokkinopilos.You leave your car there and you follow the trail of 500-1000m (appropriate boots, watch out the dogs of farmers). The hills of Kokkinopilos is a rare geological and natural phenomenon.

Rains turned this low plateau of red soil (Terra Rossa, clay minerals and iron oxides) into a landscape that constantly changes with small hills and small canyons. The rainy water moves away this smooth red geological material to the plateau of Stefani village and the fields when plowed are red.

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