Ionian Sea Beaches

Mytikas beach

Enchanting beach at the cape of the Municipality at a cosmopolitan environment with many hotels, rooms and traditional tavernas by the sea, cafeterias and beach bars. Next to the settlement, Ancient Nikopoli lies.

It is located on the edge of the peninsula of Preveza at the open Ionian Sea. Many beaches, big and small, sandy and rocky. The so called settlement is very close to ancient Nikopolis.


Monolithi beach

The famous beach with the clear blue waters of the Ionian Sea which is really crowded by thousands of visitors that come from everywhere.
It is an organized beach with refreshment places, lifeguards and all the necessary infrastructures of a modern beach.

The beach extends for many kilometers along the so called periurban forest, with deep waters and big waves in the afternoon, giving you the sense of the ocean. There are many showers, faucets, toilets and cubicles and refreshment places.


Kanali beach

Just 15 km away from Preveza, at a place gifted with incomparable natural beauties, the coastal village Kanali, famous for its beautiful beach and the clear bluewaters. The region has developed tourism with many accommodations, affordable rooms or luxury hotels. There are tavernas where you can enjoy fresh fish and many local typical dishes. The night life is intense with many bars and cafeterias for all ages.


Kastrosykia beach

The village of Kastrosykia lies very close to Kanali village and it has a so called beach. In the area there are many touristic infrastructures. The beach is sandy and the waters shallow, ideal to families with small children. Along the beach there are many cafeterias and tavernas.


Artolithia (Riza beach)

Probably the word Artolithia derives from the byzantine word “Ortolithia”, because the small harbor is formed of standing and big rocks. Artolithia used to be the scale of medieval Riniasa that in 1443 is reported as Arnaousa.


Riza beach

A picturesque place full of olive oil trees and amazing beaches that overlook the Ionian Sea at complete peace.


Lygia beach

The beach of the village Lygia is a total of small inlets that include sandy beaches, rocky beaches, but also a small protected harbor.
Due to its location, winds are frequent and waves make it the right place for wind surfing.

Lygia beach is just before Vrachos – Loutsa Beach and it can offer you greater privacy and isolation, as it’s not really organized.


Vrachos beach

Probably it is the most impressive beach with crystal turquoise waters and fine sand and it is really long in a green landscape. Just next to it Loutsa beach lies. They are attached to each other but at the same time there are clearly visible limits, extended in six endless kilometers of gold sand.

Loutsa and Vrachos beachesare divided by a central road that on one side it is awash in rooms for rent and beach bars and on the other side the wide beach begins.

Infrastructures are exceptional for visitors, as there is a super market, many mini markets, restaurants, tavernas and cafeterias.

Vrachos beach is one of the most impressive beaches in Preveza and in Greece generally. It is a perfect place to spend your holiday, as the settlement provides all the amenities to travelers who want to wake up in the morning, get out of the room and be right away at the sea.


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