Narrow streets and picturesque small tavernas. Culinary delights, tasting local sardine and sipping ouzo.
One is for sure. The memories of the tastes of Preveza come back…

Local gastronomy of Preveza.

The gastronomy of Preveza is characterized by simplicity, with many dishes having many fresh vegetables and herbs, without strange sauces and without chili pepper.
The combination of the ingredients makes meals simple, delicious and substantial. As you all know, the culture of pita was developed in Epirus. So, the main dish in the Prefecture of Preveza is pita. Fish in abundance.
Every year in August, the Municipality of Preveza hosts the famous “Sardine festival”. Typical local delights, such as flathead grey mullet (the fish is cut side down from head to tail, dried in sun and grilled), seabream with celery and savoro (sour) fish.
You should also taste the Ladopita (olive oil pita) of Preveza and the Bottarga of Amvrakikos (fish roe), ranked as the most expensive delight in the European Union, after the black truffle.
You can also taste the smoked eel.
Preveza is ranked among the first ouzo producing areas. At the historic centre of Preveza and all over the city, the tavernas, fish tavernas, clubs, and cafeterias, both scattered and picturesque, serve the best traditional local delights, sweets, drinks, ouzo being the best of all.
At Kanali, Kastrosykia, Lygia, Vrachos, all along the coastline of the Ionian Sea, you can taste fish, mezedes and food, overlooking the sea. In the mainland (Kamarina, Louros, Stefani) you can taste freshwater fish, eels, grilled meat.

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