Feasting on Preveza’s savoury

A… tasteful day at Preveza

You can start your day by having BREAKFAST, with some fresh orange juice or some homemade lemonade or a hot cup of tea with mint or thyme and you can go on with some slices of hot leavened bread, yogurt pie, scrambled eggs, trachanas soup, kouloura (some kind of bagel), batter, avgofetes (bread soaked in milk and beaten eggs and then fried), pancakes, olive bread, batter bread, halva, ricepie, sweet galatopita (milk pie), cheese pie, omelet, potato pie, raisin bread, cookies, olives, olive paste.

Orange or tangerine marmalade, traditional spoon sweets made from local fruits: orange, bitter orange, bergamot, watermelon (rind), eggplant, walnut, quince, lemon, sour orange.

A rich breakfast made of raw materials chosen by our producers, and the preparation of traditional delights of high nutritional value expresses the tasteful way with which the local gastronomy culture has been developed.

Before having breakfast, at 8.00 – 8.30 in the morning, you can walk across the quay, the moment when the fishers return from the sea with their nets, filled with fish, where you can prepare the next two …. meals of the day, lunch and dinner.


For lunch:

A … simple table. A bottle of ouzo or tsipouro on it, bottarga, marinated anchovy. Octopus with vinegar, steamed mussels, sardine with tomato cooked in the oven, shellfish and lemon, grilled vegetables, grilled peppers stuffed with feta cheese. Salad with the famous tomato of Preveza, fine lettuce and cucumber.

We continue with a fine bottle of Greek red wine as we taste octopus with eggplants cooked in the oven, cuttlefish with spinach, shrimps with tomato sauce. Flathead grey mullet in tomato sauce cooked in the oven, scallops with leeks, and cod with raisins. Pork with leeks, beef stew in tomato sauce with quince or potatoes.



Sardines, squid, cuttlefish, flathead grey mullet, grilled sea bream fish, lamb ribs, sirloin or pork steak, fried red mullet and a bottle of white wine.

We‘ll finish our dinner with some apples, pears, oranges with honey, walnuts and cinnamon, and spoon sweets like watermelon, grapes, sour orange.

These and many more, the goodies, as most of our producers call them, are cooked with love and mastery and can be found in this place. Products and delights, distinguishing for their pure quality and simplicity, are prepared according to recipes dating back to our grandmother’s ages.

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