Church of Panagia of Foreigners

The church of Panagia of Foreigners is dedicated to the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, at Ethnikis Antistaseos street (market street), which bears the name of Panagia of Foreigners (ton ksenon). It is called so, for the following reasons: In the 18 and 19 century, the foreign commercial ships arriving in Preveza – the most important port of Epirus, through which the goods were transported to or from foreign countries. Those ships’ crews, after a hard and many times dangerous journey, they reached land and they used to pray to the closest church, which was the church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. But also travelers arriving from mainland, entered the city from the central gate and through the current street of P. Tsaldari and they headed towards the city centre. And the first church they met was the church of the Assumption where they prayed. So, the church is being called Panagia of foreigners, due to the fact that foreigners used to visit this church – from sea and land.

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