The church of Agios Varnavas is 3 km off on the east of the village of Louros, among the River Louros and its tributary Kseropotamos, in a forest of poplar trees, willows and plane trees. Two signs report that the church was built initially in 1149 by Konstantinos Magistros Maniakis and it was rebuilt in 1833 by Kostas Papachristos and his son Dimitrios.

Its current form is a double columned dome, covered with a system of arches, small domes without drums and double arcs. At the semicircular arch five blind arcades are formed. A decorative film covers the roof of the church, the dome and the arch. There are mural paintings of the 19th century only on altar’s arch. The church’s current iconostasis has been recently built.

The church of Agios Varnavas has been backfilled at least by 1,5 by the river. The floor of the current church is lower than earth by three steps and it is covered with stones.Nowadays, remains of some gravestones can be seen, that probably come from a roman cemetery. The forest around the church of Agios Varnavas has been turned into a place of amusement with a playground and it is a place where anyone can stroll and have fun.

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