It was built by the Ottoman, on the west part of the narrow entrance of the Amvrakikos gulf (bouka=entrance) approximately at the end of the 15th century and especially in 1478. Castello della Preveza is another name for it.

The city had been better fortified by the Venetian conquerors in 1684, when Francisco Morosini was the General in Chief. Morosini made many additions, so as a fortress of the 15th-16th century could keep up with the needs of an advanced artillery of the end of 17th century. It was a square fortress with 4 or 2 polygonal towers on its angles.

The fortress was blown up by the Venetians in August 1701, when the treaty of Karlowitz made them surrender the city to the Ottomans. Ali Pasha had its summer palace (saray) built at the same place, during his occupation, which was burnt with the old castle’s remains by his son, in 1820. Currently, that region of Preveza is called “Paliosaraga” because of the old Saray of Ali Pasha. The thermal springs of the old Saray stand there. They have been restored by the Municipality of Preveza and they are open for many decades now.

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