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Accommodation at Preveza

Preveza Hotel Association  – search hotels by location or star rating

Preveza Hotel Association at Facebook

Association of rented rooms and apartments of Preveza at Facebook

Accommodation at: PrevezaKanaliKastrosykia, Mytikas

Camping in Preveza

Entertainment in Preveza

Absinthe Caffe – Preveza (Facebook)

Adesso Espresso Bar – Preveza (Facebook)

All Day Espresso Bar – Preveza (Facebook)

Aposperitis – Preveza – coffee , drinks, music (Facebook)

Aroma Cafe Vinotheca – Preveza (Facebook)

Atlantis Cafe – Vrachos beach Zalongo Preveza (Facebook)

Avenue Cafe Bar – Preveza (Facebook)

B52 Club – Preveza (Facebook – see again at Facebook)

Barrio Espresso Sweets & more – Preveza (Facebook)

Bizzarre Cafe Bar – Preveza (Facebook)

Blue Bay Cafe – Preveza (Facebook)

Central Cafe – Nea Sinopi Zalongo Preveza (Facebook)

Che Cafe – Preveza (Facebook)

Coffee Station – Preveza (Facebook)

Console Club Internet Cafe – Preveza (Facebook)

Cuervo Beach Bar – Monolithi beach, Mytikas, municipal entity of Preveza (Facebook)

Deja Vu Cafe – Kanali Zalongo Preveza (Facebook)

Diem Espresso Bar – Preveza (Facebook)

En Lefko Beach Bar – Vrachos beach Zalongo Preveza (Facebook)

Flocafe – Preveza (Facebook)

Foinikas Beach Bar (Foinikas) – Beach of Kastrosikia of Kanali Zalongo Preveza (Facebook)

Free Day Coffee & Drinks – Louros Preveza (Facebook)

Friends Cafe – Kanali Zalongo Preveza (Facebook)

Iguana Beach Bar – Kastrosykia Kanali Zalongo Preveza (Facebook)

Ionio Beach Cafe Bar – Monolithi beach, Mytikas, municipality entity of Preveza (Facebook)

Island Beach Bar -Monolithi beach, Mytikas, municipality entity of Preveza (Facebook)

Just Coffee – Preveza (Facebook)

Kafeneio Apagio – Preveza (Facebook)

Kafeneio to Ano Vlanto – Seitan Pazar, Preveza (Facebook)

La Piscine Beach Bar – Kanali beach, Zalongo, Preveza (Facebook)

Lalu Cafe Bar -Kanali beach, Zalongo, Preveza (Facebook)

Lithos Beach Bar – Monolithi beach, Mytikas, municipality entity of Preveza (Facebook)

Mango Beach Bar – Kanali, Zalongo, Preveza (Facebook)

MaRkus Espresso Wine Bar – Preveza (Facebook)

Memories Bar – Preveza (Facebook)

Mojo Cafe – Kanali beach, Zalongo, Preveza (Facebook)

Mpotilia sto Pelago Art Cafe – Preveza (Facebook)

MyNet Sports Cafe – Preveza (Facebook)

Nicopolis Club – Monolithi, Mytikas, Preveza (Facebook) & Nicopolis Summer Club – Kanali, Zalongo, Preveza (Facebook)

No Name Bar – Preveza (Facebook)

No Name Cafe Bar – Louros, Preveza (Facebook)

Odeon Cafe Bar – Louros, Preveza (Facebook)

Παράγκα Beach Bar – Monolithi beach, Mytikas, Preveza (Facebook)

Play House Cafe – Kanalaki, Zalongo, Preveza (Facebook)

Prevere Cafe – Preveza (Facebook)

Rockafe Pool Bar – Vrachos beach, Zalongo, Preveza (Facebook)

Roloi Cafe – Preveza, central market (Facebook)

Skaloma Bar (Skaloma) – Lygia, Vrachos, Zalongo, Preveza (Facebook)

Smart Cafe – Preveza (Facebook)

Soho Coffee Wine Bar – Preveza (Facebook)

The Vava’s Pub – Preveza (Facebook)

To MikroCafe -Preveza (Facebook)

Tserki Cafe (Tserki) – Preveza (Facebook)

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