Ancient Elatreia which is situated very close to the village old Oropos, was founded during the Hellenistic years,that is during the period after the death of Alexander the Great. According to archaeologists’ prevailing view, Elatreia was one of the fourth colonies of the Helians at the county of Preveza, that was built the 4th century BC. Those cities were Ancient Vouhetion (Acropoli of Rogon, Nea Kerasounta, Municipality of Ziros Preveza), Ancient Elatreia (Palaioroforo, old Oropos, Municipality of Preveza), Ancient Vaties (Acropoli Vaties, Rizovouni, Municipality of Ziros), and Ancient Pandosia (Acropoli Pandosia, Kastri Municipality of Parga).

Ancient Elatreia at the village of Paleoroforo (old Oropos) is situated 7km away from the former Municipality of Louros, on the west of the National Road Preveza Arta. The four colonies cities are archaeological sites of great importance that complement the archaeological map of the region, but without having carried out the necessary excavations at the ancient settlements, so as to make them accessible to public, despite the fact that a lot of important findings have been reported from time to time.
Mostly it is about scattered remains of ancient buildings, cemeteries of Classical and Hellenistic era, stools of stone and copper, busts, coins and some signs that ancient acropolis did exist. Moreover, some parts of the Roman Aqueduct of Nikopolis can be seen from great distance.

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