Agios Georgios castle (Yeni Kale), at the southern part of the old city of Preveza, was built at the place called Kokkinochoma (Red soil). It was built by Ali Pasha at the beginning of the 19th century, at the same period of time when he encircled the city with a moat (ntapia). It is consisted of a sloped peripheral wall, surrounding the interior courtyard. The perimeter wall was reinforced with bastions on its north and south side, at the mouth of the Amvrakikos gulf.
It is said that at the entrance, there was an inbuilt wall with the construction date, as well as Agios Georgios temple that was turned into a powder keg by the Turks.
According to Tr. Evangelidis’ description (New Hellas, Athens 1913) it has an oblong shape of 200 meters long and 75 meters width with two bastions on the edges of the north side. He also mentions that it is connected to Agios Andreas castle through a wall (obviously he means the moat) and it protects, with the bastions (Vryssoula and Paliosaraga) the other castle, the entrance of Amvrakikos gulf and Preveza’s port. The shape they chose is the shape of the enclosedinternal yard and the perimeter wall, equipped with bastions in every change of the direction of the drawing up plans. On the north side of the fortress, where the gate entrance is, there are two polygonic bastions with two inclined external surfaces. The rest of the bastions ends up to another bulky uneven bastion towards the south close to the sea.
The walls seem to be properly shaped, with many angles, which results from soil morphology. The whole internal part of the walls and the bastions is consisted of arches. In that fortress there used to be munitions dump.
Moreover, because of the Venetian olive grove that lies on the west and because of the castle of Pantokratora, it is not attacked by enemy ships that sail the Ionian Sea that is not visible.
And that castle, after the liberation of Preveza, was used as an installation place for military units. Nowadays, it is impossible to enter, since it is abandoned.

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